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What Causes A Sewer Line To Collapse?

Ever since man started to get more civilized, so did the way of living. Since the new Stone Age period, sewage systemshave been a part of human life. Man started to become conscious about cleanliness and started to take the waste disposal issue seriously. You would be surprised to know that the modern-day sewage lines have been greatly inspired by the copper pipes used for drainage in some temples of Ancient Egypt back in 2400 BCE.

Back then, the population and developments were slow but steady, so the sewage lines did not suffer any blockage or collapse. But in today’s modern age of busy lifestyles, it is common to come across news related to collapsed sewer pipelines. Be it the city or the remote areas; it is one of the most major and common issues of most places and households. There can be many reasons; let’s read about some of the common causes that trigger or contribute to the damage of sewer pipes.

Shifting soil can cause the sewer pipe to rupture

Shifting of soil occurs due to the trees and their roots; then, it can damage the sewer line in the long run. If left uninspected, the hols formed over time will make way for debris to enter, causing blockage and collapse of the pipeline.

Pressure above the ground due to heavy construction equipment

If the sewer lines have been placed beforehand and construction has started over above it immediately, then there is a possibility of the sewer line collapsing. It can also happen in places where heavy construction equipment is constantly used.

An older pipe is being subjected to corrosion

If you own an old house, it is time to inspect your 
sewer pipeline systems. Average quality pipes are prone to rust formation and corrosion after being exposed to liquid waste and water for years. It can cause the pipe to break.

Settlement of waste can damage the sewer pipeline

If there is a possible downward or settlement of waste and debris in a particular place in the pipe, it can cause pressure in that area due to the weight of the settlement. It can rupture the pipe if not cleaned at the right time.

Rising traffic issues above the ground 
If your house is on a roadside that has gotten bust lately, there are chances that the pressure that is put on the roads can damage and cause the pipes underneath the road to break. It is only possible if there is heavy traffic every day.

Invasion of tree roots on the sewer pipes

sewer pipe is always placed under the ground for safety reasons. And if there is vegetation around, there is a possibility of the tree roots causing disturbances to the pipeline. It is likely to happen if the pipe leaks and the tree roots are drawn to the water source. If roots get entangled in the pipes, it will weaken the joints and cause a collapse over time.

Now that you know the common causes that might have caused the sewer line to break, it is important to take quick action and get it fixed as soon as possible. You can get the pipeline cleaned and replaced in time to avoid any damage or complication in the future.