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How often should a sewer line be cleaned?

When it comes to sewer lines, geese fly, and bears swim. But many people don’t know the answer to the question: how often should a sewer line be cleaned? Well, here, we’ll get you up to date with what you need to know!

Cleaning a sewer line or 
drain line cleaning is not a job that people may want to undertake, but it is necessary. The frequency of line services depends on several factors.
A great principle is to have your home’s sewer pipes cleaned every 18 to 22 months. 
It may be tough to recall but consider it a year and a half considerably or less two years.

Effect of Non-drain line cleaning
There’s a chance you’re overlooking your sewers, and, as a result, they could be adding hassle and expense to your home. When we think about the exterior of our homes, many homeowners have an idea about regular touch-ups that are needed to prevent paint degradation due to the elements. Yet, most don’t know that their sewers are often clogged or need 
drain line cleaning because of disregarded weather.

Signs That Something Is Wrong
Do not wait for any below sign before routine drain line cleaning. If you see these indicators of the below issue frequently, they are usually a warning that there is a more significant problem in your 
plumbing. So, if you discover your drains are clogged, you hear gurgling from them, or you see standing water in your yard close to where your sewage lineis flowing, you may even experience severe problems like:
  • Invasion by Tree Roots
Roots can infiltrate your pipes through the tiniest of holes, wreaking havoc on your water supply. Septic system backupsare the most common cause of sewer line blockage. Consider thorough drain line cleaning before this happens.
  • A Sagging Pipe 
An area of the pipe that is too sluggish can cause sewage to accumulate, leading to blockages in the linesRooter360knows what they need to do to solve this problem once a camera check reveals the problem.
  • Grease
Flushing of kitchen oil and grease has caused many homes some thousand dollars. As a result, sewage lines become blocked and clogged. Avoid flushing this type of food waste down the drain if you notice that you are frequently exercising drain line cleaning. Stop oil/grease flush.

The Benefits of Regular drain line cleaning
Keeping your sewer systems clear of obstructions and other debris is crucial to their long-term health. Even if sewer lines are regularly cleaned and maintained, they are still vulnerable to blocks. Regular sewage line cleaning has several advantages, including the following:
  • Confidence in one’s abilities
  • A well-functioning plumbing system
  • Water flow is improved.

You should check sewage lines more frequently depending on the home’s age, the number of people leaving at home or new property, and any signs indicating that the pipes need checks.

Sewer line Maintenance 
Sewer line maintenance can be an intimidating process without the proper know-how. And many factors contribute to how fast something like this degrades. Consult 
Rooter360 for best practices for sewer line and drain line cleaning.

To maintain your house, you need to take care of all the details. Drain line cleaning is an essential service that prevents many headaches. Call Rooter360 to avoid problems in your sewer line.